Chi Wai Family Martial Arts Centre V.I.P Portal


The lockdown measures imposed by the government are finally set to be eased from
July 19th 2021

We are finally working our way back to normality!


As a result, Chi Wai is removing some of the Covid-19 control measures, but, with the interest of our members’ health and safety in mind, we are keeping a few measures that have been working well.


  • Continue to book on to all classes – To help with Track & Trace, plus monitoring capacity levels.
  • Hand sanitising stations will remain – Please sanitise when entering and leaving the building as a minimum.
  • Groups are advised to train in a maximum of 3’s and to keep to the same training partners where possible.
  • Spacing between training groups will remain (Where Possible)
  • We will open the front door and let students in – Please do NOT open the door via the keypad just yet.
  • The changing rooms are open again – Please wear a mask whilst changing as these are enclosed spaces.
  • When in the Parents’ room, be mindful of others – Wear masks when appropriate.
  • Continue to scan the Track & Trace QR codes that are situated throughout the building.
  • Continue to fill out the Covid Questionnaire when it is e-mailed to you after your attendance (Once a WEEK is Fine)
  • ADULTS – When making contact with each other, please wear a face mask unless you’re within your social bubble.
  • Mask ARE NOT required during training when you are at a safe distance from others, please follow the government guidance on this.


We will regularly assess all the measures in place and will not hesitate to refine these measures should the need arise.


Thank you once again for all your support and understanding throughout these trying times. Hopefully, by keeping some of these restrictions in place we can continue to move forwards as a club and as a community.


Sifu, Mrs. Sifu, and the Chi Wai Team.